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Butterfly Conservation - Sussex Branch Butterfly Conservation Sussex Biodiversity Records Centre Sussex Wildlife Trust

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Past Sussex Moth Group Newsletters:

Autumn 2008 (2.6MB pdf)
Spring 2009 (2.9MB pdf)
Autumn 2009 (5.0MB pdf)
Spring 2010 (3.3MB pdf)
Autumn 2010 (0.7MB pdf)
Spring 2011 (2.5MB pdf)
Autumn 2011 (0.7MB pdf)
Spring 2012 (1.6MB pdf)
Autumn 2012 (3.6MB pdf)
Spring 2013 (6.4MB pdf)
Autumn 2013 (2.0MB pdf)


E-moth, the electronic update of the Moths Count project and National Moth Recording Scheme (NMRS):

April 2012 issue (186kB pdf)
October 2012 issue (463kB pdf)
January 2013 issue (288kB pdf)
April 2013 issue (538kB pdf)
October 2013 issue (533kB pdf)
January 2014 issue (646kB pdf)

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