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Please read this page if you are visiting the site for the first time

In order to get the most from the site you will first need to register: follow the "sign in" link on the upper left or go to the main menu above. The registration process is very brief and by checking the "Remember me" box you will remain signed in when you return to the site (do not check this box if you are not registering on your own computer).

Once you have registered I will receive an e-mail informing me that you have done so and I will authorise your "account" as soon as I can (sorry about this but this is the way the site is set up to work and there's no simple way round it). Once you have been authorised, please take the time to explore the site (you don't need to sign in or be authorised to view most of the site's content), upload photos, add status information in the boxes provided and don't hesitate to contact me with suggestions that will improve the site.

The main content of the site is, of course, the individual species pages. To view the data for a particular species you can use either of the two search methods on the left of each page, the Species search box allows you to start typing the name of a species (either Latin or vernacular) and in the box below the names of species matching your search term will be displayed, click on the one you are looking for and you will be directed to the appropriate page for that species. Only species that have been recorded in sussex will apear in this search. The Quick finder allows you to select a family and all the species in the UK list will appear in the box beneath, only those species recorded in Sussex will appear in bold and these will also link to the relavant page. Alternatively, the checklists of Uk or Sussex species can be accessed from the menu at the top of the page.

Where records exist, phenology charts and distribution maps are displayed for each species. By selecting a species using the check-box at the bottom of its page the phenology and distributions of up to five species can be compared on a single page.

Hopefully the functions of the site are fairly self-explanatory and where necessary further help pages have been provided but if there is anything that is not clear please let me know.

The majority site is fully functional (I hope) but if you do come across any glitches, bugs, snafus etc. please let me know what the problem was and what error message (if any) you encountered and on what page. Some pages are still to be completed, the equipment loan page for instance, though these should be up and running in the near future too. Finally, some of the site pages do not display properly in Internet Explorer 6, as this is such an old and frankly rubbish browser I am not going to take the time to sort that out. If you are still using IE 6 it's high time you upgraded to IE 9 or failing that, downloaded a copy of Firefox or Chrome.

Many thanks,

Bob Foreman (

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