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Common Micro-moths of Berkshire

A few years ago Berks Moth Group produced a small guide to the Grass-moths, which was greeted very favourably. Since then we have been working on a larger publication, using the same approach, covering just over 100 of the commoner micros found in Berkshire.

This is a not-for-profit enterprise, all proceeds will go to furthering the study and recording of moths.

Download the order form here (750kB pdf)
Visit the The Berkshire Moth Group website to order.


Moth trapping session - East Head - Tuesday 9th July

We are planning to run some traps at the National Trust East Head site at West Wittering on Tuesday 9th July, looking for coastal specialities.

If anyone is interested in joining us please contact Derek Lee ( or 01243 673077). It is important that we know who is planning to attend as access is through the West Wittering Estate and arrangements have been made to unlock the access gate at SZ776984 on our arrival at 21:15hrs. After that the gate will be re-locked and it is a 1 mile walk from there to the entrance to East Head.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Derek Lee / Mike Snelling / Tony Davis


Ash dieback disease

As I'm sure you will be aware, Ash dieback disease Chalara fraxinea has now been reported as occurring in the wider environment at a Norfolk Wildlife Trust nature reserve, Lower Wood, and a Woodland Trust reserve in Suffolk. This is potentially devastating news for our ash trees and woodlands across the UK.

In response to this development, the chair of the Wildlife Trusts has written a letter to Owen Paterson, expressing our disappointment that action was not taken earlier to prevent the arrival of the disease, and urging him to take all the necessary actions to prevent its spread.

At this stage, we would encourage you be aware of how to identify diseased trees and where to report these sightings. Forestry Commission has produced a pictorial guide for this purpose - here and a pest alert with more information on the disease - here. Also, please do keep us informed if you receive confirmation of the disease in Sussex.

Please report suspected cases of the disease to:
•   Forest Research Disease Diagnostic Advisory Service
T: 01420 23000; E:
•   Forestry Commission Plant Health Service
T: 0131 314 6414; E:
•   Fera Plant Health and Seeds Inspectorate
T: 01904 465625; E:

Henri Brocklebank
Biodiversity Record Centre Manager


Copper Underwing identification?

Les Hill tweeted a link to Lepi' net (Les Carnets du Lépidoptériste Français) which has an interesting tip on differentiating Copper Underwings. Might be helpful...


Cookies and the law...

EU regulations?

EU regulations?

It would appear that I have to let you, dear reader, know that this website uses cookies. Cookies serve three purposes on this website:

1. If you ticked the remember me box when you registered, it's a cookie that does the remembering...

2. When you change the selected location in the weather forecast box on the home page a cookie remembers that location for the next time you visit the site.

3. err that's it...

I really can't be bothered to read through the 31 pages of regulations on the subject but If you do have any objections to this gross invasion of your privacy please e-mail me ( and I will spend many an unhappy hour rewriting the code so that cookies can be disabled. Thank you.

Bob Foreman, 26.05.12


Species Watch: More photos required...

<i>Acleris cristana</i> but what form?

Acleris cristana but what form?

Colin Pratt, County Recorder has asked that, as well as photos of Acleris cristana, recorders send photos of any specimens of Acleris literana, Acleris hastiana and Nycteola revayana they trap, together with dates and locations, so that the exact forms can be determined.


Garden Moth Scheme 2012

The Garden Moth Scheme 2012 season starts on Friday, 2 March. According to Dave Grundy, the scheme's organiser, there are only two GMS recorders in Sussex, surely we can do better than that! There will be more information in the forthcoming SMG newsletter (or on the Garden Moth Scheme website).


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