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Sussex species

Each species' page displays distribution and phenology data for that species as well as a selection of photographs if we have them in the database. In cases where there is very little data the charts are unlikely to provide a true picture of that species' distribution and flight times, however it is hoped that as more data is added to the site and with the addition of observations by users, a more accurate and useful picture will emerge. While the phenology charts use only records of adult moths the distribution maps chart records of all developmental stages in the database.

There are many records in the database where identification has only been made at genus level, for example Oligia and Mesapamea, in the case of these aggregate records the verified species records are overlaid on the aggregate records for both phenology and distribution.

There is a text section which gives information on the species status and ecology. By registering on the site you will be able to freely edit the information contained in this box. The idea being that the more people contribute their expertise on each species the richer this site will become as a resource.

Once registered you will receive an automated e-mail confirming your details and giving you a link that can be used at any time to amend your details. You will not, however, be able to have full site access immediately. You will have first to be approved by the site moderator, this of course will prevent bogus entries and promulgation of inaccurate information.

Species search

On the left hand side of each page is a search box and a "quick finder". When using the search box, as you type your search results will appear in the box below. When you find what you're looking for simply click on the species name and you will be directed to that species' page.

With the "quick finder", select the family to which the species your are looking for belongs and in the box below all the British mebers of that family will appear in the box below, if that species has an entry on this site it will appear in bold and can be clicked on to take you to its page.

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