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Pasiphila chloerata (Mabille, 1870)

Sloe Pug
70.1430 (B&F: 1859)

»Suborder: Glossata
 »Superfamily: Geometroidea
  »Family: Geometridae
   »Subfamily: Larentiinae
    »Tribe: Eupitheciini

Status and ecology:

Adults of this species usually occur sparingly or as singletons, while larvae can be fairly common or common on their sloe foodplants along hedgerows or in bushy places. It is extremely local and numbers are irregular in all life-stages, with records over the past thirty years being confined to two distinct zones within the county - between Bognor and Chiddingfold in the west and between Peacehaven, Horsham and Eastbourne in the east. Care should be taken though as the species is probably under-recorded or even mis-identified as the Green Pug (Phasiphila rectangulata). This is a single-brooded species which is on the wing mainly from the second week of June until mid July. (Pratt, 2011)

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ex larva
Milton Hide near Abbots Wood, 08 vi 2013 Photo: Keith Alexander

Pasiphila chloerata Mabille, 1870


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