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Recording for The National Moth Atlas

Following the publication of the National Moth Recording Scheme's Provisional Atlas of the UK's Larger Moths, they will be publishing an atlas ‘proper’ in 2018. So, we have three mothing seasons to get out in the ?eld and ?ll some of those under-recorded 10km squares to show how great Sussex is! We have created a map showing the under-recorded squares (post-2000), and a list of likely sites to head for in the under-recorded 10km squares. Some of the events in our events calendar have been targeted at these under-recorded squares.

We hope you can get out to one of these events, or go out with your mothing chums to target one of these areas yourselves. The green squares we appear to have good coverage for, the yellow squares could do with a bit of work, but the ones that are currently under-achieving are the pink ones! The squares that are wholly in Sussex are the priority as squares on the periphery of the county are likely to pick up records from surrounding county moth groups.

Sussex Moth Species Map

You can click on the 10km squares on the map below to see how many species have been recorded there before, both pre- and post-2000, and which species have been recorded.

Happy Mothing. Please let us know if you visit one of these squares! Thank you.

TQ24 SU83 SU93 TQ03 TQ13 TQ23 TQ33 TQ43 TQ53 TQ63 TQ73 SU72 SU82 SU92 TQ02 TQ12 TQ22 TQ32 TQ42 TQ52 TQ62 TQ72 TQ82 TQ92 TR02 SU71 SU81 SU91 TQ01 TQ11 TQ21 TQ31 TQ41 TQ51 TQ61 TQ71 TQ81 TQ91 TR01 SU70 SU80 SU90 TQ00 TQ10 TQ20 TQ30 TQ40 TQ50 TQ60 TQ70 TQ80 SZ79 SZ89 SZ99 TV49 TV59 TV69

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